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Alphabetic List of All Chemicals in the PAN Pesticides Database: 8

The following is an alphabetic list of all of the chemical ingredients that are contained in the PAN Pesticides Database. For chemical names that begin with a symbol (such as a parenthesis) see the last item in the list below.

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CAS Number Chemical Name
69152-46-1 Summary and Details for 8,9-Dihydro-N-(phenylmethyl)-9-tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yl)-7H-purin-6-amine.
314020-44-5 Summary and Details for 8-(2,6-diethyl-4-methylphenyl)-tetrahydro pyrazolo -1,2-d.
Summary and Details for 8-dodecene-1-ol, other related.
148-24-3 Summary and Details for 8-Hydroxyquinoline.
7091-57-8 Summary and Details for 8-Hydroxyquinoline benzoate.
134-30-5 Summary and Details for 8-Hydroxyquinoline citrate.
134-31-6 Summary and Details for 8-Hydroxyquinoline sulfate.
Summary and Details for 8-Methoxypsoralen with ultraviolet A therapy.
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